Swing Tips

For the right handed player...

When swinging the club to the top of the backswing, make sure that you keep your right knee flexed. Do not allow it to straighten, as this common error can cause a reverse pivot (too much weight remaining on the left side in the backswing), which will cause swing path problems and too steep an angle of attack into the ball.  Fat shots, pop-ups, slices or pulls can result.  Remember, at the top of the backswing, because of a good shoulder turn, at least 65% of your weight should be on the right side, right foot firmly planted on the ground, and a right knee that remains flexed throughout the backswing.




Photos 1 and 2:

Correct right knee position. Notice there is no separation between the knees in photo 2.  Mark is nicely coiled into his right side, weight 65% on the right.      


Photos 3 and 4:

Incorrect right knee position. Notice the separation between the knees in photo 4.  This is a classic reverse pivot, with Mark's weight 65% on the left.

Mark  Kendrick.

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