Welcome to improved practice sessions!

Teaching aids, a valuable addition to your practice time, reinforce a particular move or position in the swing and help insure that you will get the most from your lessons. The "world's best golf training aids" are available from Golf Around the World. When ordering a product, be sure to use my name, John Albert, and receive 10%off any item!

      My personal favorites are... Impact Bag*, Impact Trac, Medicus dual hinged iron, Power Swing Fan, PVC Teaching Mirror, Swing Check Mirror (great for taking to the range!), Swing Vision Mirror, Swingyde, Tac-Tic Wrist (a proven way to improve your chipping), Heavy Hitter Clubs, Momentus Training Clubs, Momentus Strength Trainers (superior indoor winter practice and conditoning), Putting Connection, and the Targaline Putting System (the best!)

      Remember, just click on the above link to visit Golf Around the World and their catalog.  All items will be shipped directly to your home or office.

* Items in bold type have been the most popular training aids this past season.








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