"Serious Golfer" Lessons- 2018

The best way to maximize your return on the investment of golf instruction is to insure that you practice regularly and correctly. This lesson series not only provides a regimented learning/practice schedule but guarantees consistent and accurate interpretation of swing concepts and short game techniques.

From beginners to advanced players, this program is for the golfer committed to improvement. Remember... only "perfect practice" makes perfect.

Cost: Single payment of $510; Hunt Valley Golf Club Members, $450.

Students must wear golf attire at all times. Shirts with collars are mandatory. Jeans, Tank Tops, Mesh Shirts, Cut-Offs, Bathing Attire, Tee Shirts, Short Shorts, Tennis Outfits, Gym Shorts and Halter Tops are inappropriate.

For availability call 410.527.3304 or contact John.




John Albert Golf Schools, in Maryland
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