Swing Tips

For the right handed player...

     A mirror can be one of the most valuable swing aides available.  You should get in the habit of practicing with one to check your posture, set-up and ball position, backswing and impact position.  (Portable mirrors of various size are available that can be taken to the range.  Click on my "links" page for information.)  Being able to see your correct positions as you practice prevents misunderstanding and speeds progress.

    For example, for the right handed golfer, set up with your right side facing the mirror. Swing to the top of your backswing, hold for 5 seconds, and check the following:

    The left and right forearms will form the sides of a "triangle". The bottom of the triangle is an imaginary line connecting the elbows.  Your right shoulder should be centered inside the triangle.  Remember to maintain you "spine angle" while checking this position. (see April swing tip).  This key position will put you "on plane", allowing you to return to the ball on a better path, producing more solid contact and "on target" shots.



  Mark Kendrick, student.



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